About us

Danny Cecchi's institution 'The Richmond Seafood Tavern' moved to North Fitzroy in 2011. Specialising in Melbourne's finest fresh seafood, RST Seafood Restaurant is constantly evolving to bring exciting new flavours to Melbourne's seafood lovers. Perfect for an intimate dinner, a family outing or a business lunch, RST's relaxed atmosphere and exquisite seafood will delight foodies of all ages.   

About Danny 

Danny Cecchi has been in the business for over 25 years. Having worked for a variety of successful restaurants, he went out on his own in 2004 and has been providing Melbourne with incredible seafood ever since. 


RST Seafood Restaurant has a variety of fantastic spaces to suit any event, catering for groups of 20 to 80. Learn more at our functions page here.


RST Seafood Restaurant puts on a variety of special events and foodie nights for its customers. To find out about recent events please see our News and Events blog